Thursday, October 29, 2015

An Extra Whisker Graphics Project

Remember me telling you I much fun I am having with the Whisker Graphics products?  Well, I am having so much fun making ABC projects, that I am sharing an extra post this month!

While I keep my projects fairly simple, they are going to make some fun gifts for my co-workers and friends.  Did you catch that? Co-workers? Yeah, my sabbatical is coming to an end, and I have made the final decision to return to Starbucks officially November 2nd.  I am not quite ready to completely retire.  Having this past year off, has given me an idea of what retirement will be like.... Needless to say, when I officially retire -- I will have a plan [or lots of plans] -- the time flew and I did not really accomplish much.  On the other hand I have an additional 10 pounds [ouch] and even more cards in my stash! :)

Anyway, here are my finished ABC projects;

A couple of gift bags embellished with bookmarks with self made tassels.

A close up of my favorite one.  I scored the envelope for a fold over closing, added a little glitter tape and a silhouette cut, along with a covered clothes pin. I also attached the bookmark.  Eventually, I will put some cards inside for the "main gift".  Meanwhile, aren't the tasseled bookmarks fun as an added embellishment to the gift?  Everyone can use a bookmark!

Here is a tutorial on how I made them;

Step 1
Cut out 3 bookmarks; one using scrap cardboard [a recycled cereal box] for stability, and 2 more from designer paper of choice.

Step 2
Using a jar for dispensing the twine [stops it from rolling all over the place], I wrapped the twine around an extra pillow box I had. [You can use just a cut piece of cardboard say 2" wide]  Keeping in mind, the more you wrap, the thicker your tassel will be.

Step 3 
Using a separate piece of twine, tie a knot at the top.

Step 4
Cut the bottom.  Using a separate piece of twine, wrap it around just under the tied off top.  I used a drop of glue to adhere the end. [no photo of that, oops]

Step 5
Adhere designer paper to both sides of the cardboard one, make a loop through the top  of the tassel, and loop it through the bookmark hole.  
Super fun don't you think?
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Karen (TLgirl353) said...

Great gift bags and tags! Can't believe how fast this year has gone for you!

Verna Angerhofer said...

Great gift idea and tags. Enjoy your return to Starbucks!

Lisa Elton said...

Pretty tassels Vicki, they look terrific on the gift bags!

Deepti said...

Wow those gift bags look awesome :)

Petra Swart said...

Oh, I love your great goodie bags and the lovely bookmarks, Vicki!!!!! The covered cloths pin is such a great idea!! I always make corrugated cardboard boxes when I give cards as a gift, but you have now given me the idea to use gift bags in future, too - thanks - much easier to make and it looks stunning!!!! Guess what the teachers will be getting as end of the year gifts!!!!

cm said...

Your bookmarks are fantastic; a wonderful pairing with the gift bags. You're too young to retire, my friend! I'm applauding your return to Starbucks, a place where I'd like to work at some point. Perhaps I could do so, part-time, when I retire from the education realm. Something to think about...