Monday, January 7, 2013

AWDML Cards on Monday

It's Monday and that means Cards on Monday over at A Walk Down Memory Lane blog!

Here is your sneak peek of my card:

Ever wanted to see ALL my Cards on Monday in one place?  I set  up an album over at SCS.  You can see the cards HERE.  As the Mondays progress I will be adding to this album a week after my card is posted on the AWDML blog.

Thanks for stopping by~


Olga said...

very pretty!!

Anna Jernigan said...

Yes I have always wanted to see all of your cards in one place...I am not so good at looking for stuff missed. Woohoo Take another hassle from my life? Go for it, girlfriend! Thanks, now soon as I figure how to access the album........hmmmm. Just Kidding. I am feeling silly today...must be lack of sleep.
Lovely stuff, Vicki, as always you never cease to amaze...than is why I follow your blog............Later

Anna Jernigan said...

BTW...just purchased huge felt order, on your thanks, and I will wait and have fun when it arrives. Happy Stamping!! OR...Happy die-cutting felt flowers...whichever applies.


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