Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One Layer Wednesday

Popping in today with the OLW challenge - be inspired by something in your kitchen.
Wow, apparently I have a very boring kitchen because nothing jumped out at me for inspiration.
So I took a look again, and saw this:

Yeah, okay I can do an apple and didn't I have the perfect stamp!

Gosh I love this challenge!  It is so up my alley -- easy, fast, awesome! Yep - that's it!  Good job Miss Heather on challenging us with our own stuff!

Now, a first here at AIDIS [oh I don't think I like the acronym of my blog ;( ] - A remake card!  Yep, yesterday's post had me feeling "not quite right" about my card.  So, I went to the Balance Pro Miss Susan over at Simplicity and asked her for help.  After reading [ a few times], and taking her suggested steps, here is my remade card;

For better comparison here is yesterday's

Yep, I like the 3rd try I did! [The 2nd one was upside down on the card base - Oh for goodness sake! - and that is why I don't remake cards, just sayin]  More balance to the bflies [and flourishes] -- and changing the color of bflies I think was the major improvement! Color placement can be really important [obviously ;)]

I want to thank Susan [so much!] and Anna for taking the time to suggest "fixes". :)  I really appreciate it!

I was enabled today by a fellow stamper, so I am enabling all of you [I like to share] Blitsy is having an awesome sale on Memento inks. I'm talking all the colors, but especially the new colors too! I love these inks - they sponge beautifully and work perfectly with Copics. These [I believe] are all the new colors, and the ones I ordered!

Tsukineko - Memento Pad Morocco
Tsukineko - Memento Pad Love Letter
Tsukineko - Memento Pads Rose Bud
Tsukineko - Memento Pad Teal Zeal
Tsukineko - Memento Pad Nautical Blue
Tsukineko - Memento Pad Pistachio
Tsukineko - Memento Pad Olive Grove
Tsukineko - Memento Pad Northern Pine
Tsukineko - Memento Pad Peanut Brittle
Tsukineko - Memento Pad Toffee Crunch
Tsukineko - Memento Pad Gray Flannel
Tsukineko - Memento Pad Espresso Truffle

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Thanks for stopping by!


dstandard said...

All your cards are fabulous and I like both cards equally!

Heather T said...

Your apple is so vibrant and eye catching and the sentiment fits perfectly.

Marianne said...

Oh, your re-take of that butterfly is simply stunning. It's amazing how different it looks. The balance of colour and placement is really, really pleasing.

Susan Raihala said...

You NAILED it! Making the butterflies red made a huge difference for unity, and the placement is so nicely balanced!

And of course your apple card is fabulous...the apple pops right off the white! I, too, had a hard time finding something "not boring" in my kitchen. I feel like I should work on that!

Gabby said...

Nice apple card! I like your coloring and shading and the textured look of the apple. I like both of your butterfly cards. :)

shirley-bee said...

That apple just pops off the card, so vibrant. And I love the re-work of the butterfly card.

Darnell J Knauss said...

I think your apple for your inspiration piece is quite vibrant and not boring at all! Likewise with your card! Great job!

How fun and educational to get help from Susan on your awesome second card! She really has the "eye," doesn't she, and, as she said, you nailed it!


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