Friday, May 18, 2012

Stamp School Teaher's Lounge

Can I just tell you I am addicted -- I mean, ADDICTED to Pinterest! Oh my gosh - absolutely too much fun! I found this fabulous house project

Pop on over to the Stamp School blog and see how I turned this into a card,

and, an ABC (anything but a card) project:

Thanks for stopping by~


Anonymous said...

I love the napkin holder'letter holder theme, too cute. Using your initial and all, inspired. Love the idea, love the look. I'm looking around my house for a place to put something with our monogram. I'm gonna frame it though. Yep, think I know just the place. TeeHee. Thanks for the Inspiration. Love your work. AnnaJernigan

Anonymous said...

I wrote a really nice comment, but it's not here. Harrumph. Well, I love your idea, and your finished work. I just love your style.