Sunday, September 22, 2019

Playing with Glimmer Hot Foil

I will start off by saying that I was enabled by Yana Smakula with her Glimmer Hot Foil machine and techniques You Tube videos.  That is why they do videos obviously-- [gets me more than I like to admit!]  That said, I always do a "search" to compare prices and ended up going through Amazon [my BFF] for the lowest price.  Even after watching a ton of Glimmer Foil videos, I never saw that it needed a heat foil, and not the laminator foil [that I have a ton of!].  So, another trip to Amazon and I got the correct foil.  It is advised that you experiment using the machine and the techniques.  [Yeah, they weren't kidding]  I think I finally have it down.

Here are the end results I got - (after some practice.)

Another challenge is getting the "foil shine" to photograph! What looks white is really a beautiful silver.  The gold semi worked.

The close ups are a little better, but still not like they look in real life. For the background stamping, I used STAMPlorations Layered Holly [sold out].

I just love the font of these foil plates [yes, those needed to be purchased also].  I like that these cards look "store bought" with the embossed lettering.  They are also nice and flat for mailing.    

Bottom line question - am I happy with this addition to my stamp room?  Probably not so much.  A laminator and [all the regular] foil I have would of been sufficient for as much as I will be using foiling....  That said, because I now own it, I will force myself to use it! :)   Live and learn....                 

Thanks for stopping by~


Lisa Elton said...

Wow Vicki, these turned out great! What pretty cards!

Verna Angerhofer said...

These are gorgeous and I love the shimmer...and you finally did get a bit of the shine showing so I know it is very elegant! I don't want to watch too many videos for the reason I end up spending more money. LOL And, I am over crowded with supplies on hand now. I had to spend some money though for something new so went with a few digitals. And believe me your cards sure make it tempting to buy these new foiling systems.


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