Sunday, September 1, 2013

Finally - a Mini Book & Frame

I have been wanting to make a rolodex mini book for about 2 years now.  Well, today that finally happened!

All products were Papertrey Ink.  I hold all my PTI supplies in a small box, I grabbed the entire box, set it on my desk, and started creating.  The "pages" are PTI's Desk Top File dies.  I love it that they can make pages in my little book.  Because I used so many other images, I am not going to link -- suffice to say, this was like art journaling  [so many products used]. However, this was so fun, and I will be doing this again for sure!!

Have you ever made a mini book?  Feel free to link me up I would love to see what you created!!

I also was surfing the web and found this amazing artist, Ingrid, over at Ingrid's Place. If you are into art media [at all] you must pop over and check out her blog.  Amazing talent!!  Anyway, I was inspired to make my son and daughter in law a small present when I saw this gorgeous creation;

 Is this totally stunning or what!  Damn, blew my socks off!
Though mine is not even close to the inspiration, I still had fun!  I hope they like it.

Another successful, fun day~

Thanks for stopping by~


Marisa said...

Fabulous, rolodex book!!

Sheila H said...

Your mini book is darling - great designs, papers and textures. The picture frame is gorgeous. I'm sure it will be treasured.

Karen (TLgirl353) said...

That mini book is fabulous! I bet your son and daughter in law will love their gift too! Wonderful job on these creations, Vicki!

Unknown said...

Love your mini book and framed photo. Great layering!

Erum Tasneem said...

WOWA!! This post rocks!! love your mini book and the frame too!

Darnell said...

Congratulations on finally reaching your mini book goal, Vicki! It is incredible!!

Wow, the flourish you made for the photo of your son and DDIL is AWEmazing!! And, oh yes it is close to the orginal, are you kidding? The coloring is different, but you definitely evoked the same movement and your's is just as spectacular!!

Nan G said...

Love the mini book. And yes, your embellished frame is just as pretty! You definitely had a fun craft day. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous little mini book Vicki-and the frame is fabulous!
I checked out the link for the artist thank you-she produces some beautiful work too :)
Nessa xx

Unknown said...

Love the little book, very much, and how cute is that you used so many stamps and all............but! that picture of your son and his wife, with all the flowers and embellishments: is over the top! It's Art, plain and simple. Holy Mother-in-Law, Batman, I am sooo loving it! Wow. I can't stop looking at all the little die-cuts, and bling, and well, it's something else! Vicki, you are AMAZING!!