Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Couple of Useful Items

I tried to get some presents made yesterday - multiples of what I have shown on my blog lately.  I did make some basic hand made buttons too, along with a little photo tutorial.  I will also add this to the upper pages for future reference [if anyone needs it].

Step 1 - punch 5 shapes + a top [I used scrap designer paper]

Glue layers together, with dp on top

Mark where to punch holes

Punch holes with a Crop a Dial, and then stamp if you want added design.

On a side note, if you want shiny buttons, cover with Glossy Accents and let dry. [Put toothpicks in the holes so they don't seal up.] I love having these buttons hanging around for when I "need a button"

I also made another mixed media journal cover. Even though all the products needed to complete one sure makes a mess of my desk, I usually am really happy with the end result. This time, my 18 year old son asked me to make him one! Yeah - now that was validation!

I would list what I used but -- no, on second thought -- too many products. :)  If you try this mixed media technique, just know you will use a ton of images and products.  Plan on a messy desk too.

Thanks for stopping by~


Cheri said...

These are fantastic, Vicki! Thanks for the tutorial and your mix media project is stunning.

Marisa said...

Looky at you going all mixed media :)

Kathy Mc said...

Thanks for the button making tutorial. Tend to agree that your mixed media project is a hit (not only from your son's standpoint).