Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to Create a Watermark for your photos - Updated

This is my first attempt at a tutorial.  I had my ds go through the steps and he was able to follow them, so let's see if you all can!  If you have any questions, go ahead and put under the comments - I am sure you won't be the only one with questions.  I am using GIMP 2.0.  (click for the free download.).  Here we go:
Click "File" "New"

 [in the box] click Advanced Options
    under Fill with click the down arrow
       click "transparency" click "ok" - {{don't worry about size}}

In the TOOL BOX (the smaller of the 2 boxes that originally opens up with GIMP) click the text (the big "A")


<--font type/size

click on the color box - click white (or light gray - whatever you want) - click "ok"
pick the font you want (I used Ariel and Scriptina)
Move cursor to the transparency box (on your screen) and click - this should bring up a text box - type Your Name.  To size your name, put cursor on the UP/DOWN arrow and hold down (back over in the text box to the right)- this will change the size - adjust accordingly)
Click "close"

Move cursor where you want your blog name  - click - another text box will appear.  Put in blog site (I copied and pasted mine to make sure I had it correct) - change font, size, move box tho where you want it placed - click "close"
Move cursor above your name  - click to open new text box- type it  (Created By, Designed By etc) - change font and size to appropriate size - close box.
YOU ARE DONE creating.
 {{I do not know how to bring in images (some people have scrolls etc) - if you know how PLEASE me know - I would love to add something to mine.}}
click "File" "Save" (wherever in your computer you want to save it)  (name your watermark  with a .png at the end - it will not work without this)
click "Export""Save" and you are done.

Now, to put this watermark on your cards.  This is easy once you get it -  Hopefully these following steps will help you out.

"File" "Open" (find card you want - click twice)

Click "file" "Open as layer"
Find your watermark - double click
 Watermark is now on your card. 

To SIZE it, click "Layer " "Scale" size about 225

 In the box to the right, click on the "+" and then "move" [bottom of the same box]

Drag watermark to where you want it on your card

Click "Merge visable" "merge"

Click "File" "Save" "Export


Please let me know how this worked out for you.  


Lynne in NI said...

Thanks for the tutorial Vicki, I've always wondered how that was done - haven't tried it yet (too late at night here) but I'll let you know how I get on
(I've put a wee link on my blog too, hope you don't mind!)

Theresa Momber said...

Fantastic tutorial, Vicki! I'm sure this will be a great resource for many!

Miesje said...

Oh my goodness - I really need to make my own - not happy with the one I have. I will use this as soon as i can grab an hour! Thanks!!!

martina's kaartjes said...

Wow, must try it, thanks for the tutorial ! Great !
Have a great day,

Mary Marsh said...

thanks vicki for the tutorial-I am anxious to try it.

Heather T said...

Hi Vickym
Thank you for this tutorial. It was exactly what I had needed, using GIMP too, perfect. I now have a watermark thanks to you.

Colleen Dietrich said...

Vicki, thanks for taking the time to do this tutorial! I use the GIMP program, but right now I'm actually laying text over my pic; not watermarking. I had trouble with the learning process of the watermarking. This may just be the trick I need! I'll give it a try soon.

Thanks again.

Laura said...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!I DID IT!!! It help me out.I learn something new everyday.

Benzi said...

Thanks, Vicki! I now have a watermark. I made one and then found one I could order that I liked better than mine. So, between your instructions and the instructions from where I ordered, I got it made. My blogspot isn't showing great but I'll work on that. Thanks a bunch for the tutorial!

Pam~ said...

Oh Vicki, thank you so much for the GREAT detailed directions. I am not computer savvy at all and I understood and got it! You are fabulous for doing this!!! Have a great day!

Sara Mac said...

Thanks so much for the clear tutorial. I've tried to create watermark in Gimp before but I missed a few of these steps. Congrats on your win with Papertrey too!

Nan G said...

Thank you Vicki for the tutorial. I've tried to set up a watermark in other programs, alas to no avail. This GIMP worked great! Took a couple of tries till I found the size & font I wanted-and then - Wa-La! watermark.! check it out if you get the chance.

Marybeth said...

I was just asking my son how to do the watermark, and then I see your post. I will try it in the morning . Thanks so much.

POSH said...

Hi Vicki....I too was trying to get instructions from my son(u know these kids, they are so tech-savvy...alas their sense of urgency isn't theirs...LOL), so I'm glad to have found your tutorial...hopefully I wont mangle the instructions too badlyl and I too will have a watermark soon enough.
Thanks a bunch!!!!

Sabrina said...

I came upon this after Faith's link on a thread on SCS. If you want to add some design elements to your signature, you can do it with paintbrushes. There aren't any fancy ones included in GIMP, but Photoshop brushes will work, and there are tons available for free.

Rosy Newlun said...

Hi, Vicki,

You are a real darling for putting the 'exact, step by step, logically sequenced instructions' out there for the rest of us. It took about an hour, broken up by a break, coloring, dinner, and resting my brain cells. But it WORKED, first time. Of course, I could have used a fancier font, and you know, some wizard out there may be able to kick one out super fast with some patented, one or two click macro, but I feel like I just climbed Mt. Everest over here (computer speaking). THANK YOU, MAHALO, and ARIGATO, GRACIAS, MERCI, just plain COOL!


Kathy Przeniczny said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial - I now have my own watermark!!
Very easy to follow as well.

mikki said...

Great tutorial! I have been able to follow along and create and add watermark...on another computer. My problem with my laptop is I cannot figure out
Where or how to "click close" Is there a button? Or am I to "close" the image window? Any help would be appreciated. Meanwhile going back to my
Desktop to research .