Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Organizing Revolution Week 1

I hope I understood this Ask Anna challenge correctly.  [We can link up our blog or Pinterest] This first week is organizing your desk or office area.  Since my entire room is my craft space, I focused on my desk. Face it, that is where I spend the majority of my day/time, sitting at my desk.

To appreciate what I did, here is the before photo:

Semi messy, definitely unorganized.  Here are some of the additions I added that helped me out a lot!  I made this little dresser [from paper] to hold my PTI ink pads.

I made one of these awesome tray holders that I have been seeing on Pinterest for I can't tell you how long! 

THIS ROCKS!  It spins for access to my glues, and spritzer bottles.  I used tops from spray bottles to hold the bottles more secure inside the pie tin.  It fits so perfect inside of my book shelf, [turned side ways for more storage.]

Here is the after desk area.

I removed everything out of the entire lower under shelf area, dusted, and straightened out the small tray. I also added a hook to hang my piercers, and added a couple of baskets for holding some miscellaneous items.

I am loving my organized desk now!  I am also loving this challenge.  I can't wait to see what comes next!  I need this motivation, and to be honest I really want to win that first prize -- Neat Receipt Scanner!  [My DH needs that soooooo bad.]

I am looking forward to the other entries and how they organized their spaces.

Thanks for stopping by~


Olga said...

you go girl, this is incredible!!!!

Kitty said...

Your clean-up desk looks awesome. Must be easier to work at.


Cheri said...

Fabulous!!! I need to do this...but I always seem to be in the middle of a project. Well done here.

Mary Gillmarten said...

Beautiful Vicki! Thanks for sharing your simple tips! I need to make some decisions!

Marisa said...

Great work, Vicki! Enjoy your organized space :)

Thrifty Military Mommy said...

Very good job! Looks marvelous!

Carol said...

You've got some great storage ideas, Vicki! I'm new to your blog, and I'm now a new follower. It's always fun to meet another Arizonan. I have my own little craft-sewing room and love it, but I'm always looking for better ways or new ways to store my things. Thanks for sharing!


Shannon said...

You did a great job organizing your space, but you are killing me with those cake pans....... the horror. I am a baker!

Diana Queen said...

wowee! Looks great. ;D Happy New Year

Anna Jernigan said...

Okay, now I have "craft area envy" LOL How do you store your ink pads, I couldn't really tell in the photo, but I saw them there. I have regular ink pads, like Momento, etc. then the Distress Ink Pads, which are bigger. Always on the look-out for some storage tips on those. Hate for you to see MY craftroom, egads, after all the Christmas stuff, and I was sick, I peek in there and then "shut" the door, lol, easier that way. I usually shout out: "Cover me, I'm going in" bawhahahaha Shhh, don't tell anyone. LOL

Anonymous said...

great idea, thanks for sharing. Getting ready to organize my craft room - again! Have a big table and this idea is great to have stuff where I need it.

Linda K in IL


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