Friday, October 14, 2011

An Extra Card

This Friday was my turn for the Free For All Friday Challenge over at Stamp TV.  Well, I totally and completely FORGOT!  In fact, I had to get an email saying ""HELLO" did you forget something?  Yes, yes I did.  I quickly threw together a challenge of an Anniversary Card because, I had this in my TO BE USED FILE!  (Do you have one of those?) - it proved to be a life saver today - I would not of been able to get a new card made AND post the challenge in a timely manner -- which, I didn't get done anyway!  So, what is this card missing?  How about ANY GKD stamps??  OMG - I am beating myself up, but I did use GKD Gold paper (which, is fabulous) along with the 120 wt cardstock for a very sturdy base and nesties -- lots of nesties.  I am hoping Gina has [most] them in the store. (please!)
This is what happens when you DON'T WRITE THINGS DOWN (on your planning calendar) - you don't look so good! :(.
Well my challenge got pulled -- makes sense since I had no GKD stamp usage, however, I do like this card and I am leaving it on my blog as a "share with you card" -- no challenges or nothing -- just sharing! :)
Thanks for stopping by~


maryr917 said...

this is a great cas card for the Stamp Tv challenge Vicki-wow after reading your blog post I felt for you-hey I must have missed that you got some puppies-sounds like lots of work

Lisa Lara said...

Now this is really cool Vicki.


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