Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Craft Space

Since I am in Chicago at CHA, I thought I might share my craft room with all of you.  I have acquired 3 sets of drawers from Mike's, and I can't believe how much they have helped to clean up my space!  When looking at the pictures, it still seems messy but really -- it is so much better!  The amount of "stuff" I have at times just amazes me -- like really?  You NEED all this stuff? --- of course I do! :)
One side of door.  The outside of the door has another shoe holder filled with punches too

My peg board wall of ribbon - sorted by color

 Some of my inks
 and the rest of my inks.  Crazy huh??

See the copics on the shelf?
 Here is a close up -- this is an outside drain spout cut in sections!!  It works so well to sort my copics by color.  Love this tip I picked up from someone over at Splitcoaststampers!
 This is my cutting area - paper scrap area (yes, those are kitty liter waste holders - bottom left (new ones BTW :) , and the dresser drawers are holding my Stampin Up stamps (that so need to be inked or sold...)

This is my photo box and see those boxes on the right -- ALL EXTRA CARDS I have made.  What am I suppose to do with boxes of cards!!  Akkk~
Actually, eventually I will set up a website and try to sell these.  Easier for people to look that way since I have found I do not do well at Craft Fairs.  I am not one to say "See how pretty my stuff is".

Here are the new drawers!  I love the clear front to see what is in them, along with the height; 14" - I still can have a self on top of the drawers and have extra room in between for my MFP stamps in cd holders.

This dresser holds my GKD stamps while the top of it gives me added spread space when stamping. This is to the left of my chair.

And this is my overall space
 I do love my craft room.  This is a god thing since I spend way to much time in here :).  I am sure I will be adding more with my purchases from CHA! I will be sharing photos of my trip and meeting fellow stampers when I get home.

I hope that may be I gave you an idea or 2 while touring my craft space.  I love looking at other's spaces -- some if the ideas are so clever and out of the box~ I love that!
Thanks for stopping by~


Pauline said...

Thanks for sharing your craft room. I have one too and love it. Wanted to share with you that I take all of my swap card fronts and make them into full cards and give them to the Children's Hospital in Denver for the patients to use. I also make lots of new cards. If you interesed in sharing some of you swap cards please send them to me and I can make them into new cards. I love to look at your blog. You have somany cute ideas. Thanks

Susan Raihala said...

Dang, girlfriend. I thought I had a lot of crap. You got me beat by a country mile!

Patti P. said...

Love looking at craft rooms, thanks for sharing. How do we get so much???? but can't part with any of it,lol.

Marisa said...

How fun to see your craft space. Now I can picture you in there working away :) You sure have a lot of inks LOL! As for extra cards, you can send some to Operation Write Home or the Chemo Angels etc. Lots of good causes. Look forward to seeing pics from CHA :)

naneruth said...

It was a grand tour of your stamp room! Was the drain pipe metal not plastic and if so is it sharp after cutting into pieces?

Penne said...

TFS, Vicki! I am always curious to see how others set up their craft rooms. It seems I always get inspiration from seeing what other people have set up. My inspiration from your craft room is the way you set up your GKD stamps. I love the idea that you have the identification cards hanging outside the drawer. I'll be busy organizing my GKD stamp sets the rest of the day. Enjoy CHA!

maryr917 said...

oh thanks for letting us see your craft room vicki-I have been toying with converting one of our bedrooms into my craft room. we have 4 of them and we are empty nesters now

mmwilken said...

Love seeing how others store their supplies. Thanks for the look, see!! If you do have extra cards that your not selling, could sure use some of the gorgeous cards!! Thanks again.!!

Payne Holler Cards said...

love your room! how is it we DO need so much stuff!! I have friends who dont stamp that will pop their heads in my craft room and say "wow, all this to make ONE card"....are they nuts! we make more than ONE card LOL...
looking forward to seeing your haul from CHA (-:

Wanda Cullen said...

Enjoyed touring your stamping space! I'm always envious of those who have so much room compared to my tiny corner of a room!

Anonymous said...

I am so envious of people who have craft rooms. I have a small corner of a guest room, which is kinda OK but means when we have guests everything has to be stored away in a spare wardrobe! Have spent a while browsing your blog, you have some fabulous cards there. Hope you don't mind if I 'tweek' a couple. I love your recent black, brown and ivory card with the red flowers, its absolutely stunning. I have boxes of cards too but have just sorted some out to give to a local hospice charity shop. Love Sheila in Cyprus x


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