Saturday, March 5, 2011

Whoops & Thank You!

I received this wonderful award from one of my followers!  How fun is that.  To have someone unknown to me send me this award for being inspired by my blog -- TOTALLY AWESOME! Totally validated - that's why we have blogs right???  To inspire other stampers~  I do have to say I am late in posting this, I put it in my pending file and [NO SURPRISE] I was too busy stamping and forgot about it!   I am now rectifying that.
I guess I need to tell you 8 things you don't know about me and then send this fun award on to 5 other bloggers.  Okay, let's see
1.  I have a 17 year old son
2.  I have been married 25 (!) years this year  
3.  I am a semi retired Store Manager of Starbucks who now works part time 20 hours a week
4.  I smoke (which is REALLY stupid)
5.  I am 15#'s overweight - this has happened due to STAMPING all the time over the last 2½ years!
6.  I have 2 puppies who are now 4 months old
7.  I am originally from Seattle, Washington and totally LOVE living in Arizona - no, I do.not miss rain :)
8.  We had a pool built at the end of last summer and about the time it was done, the weather turned so I   have only used it about 6 times!  I can't wait for the hot weather so it will get warm (it is currently 55) so I can SWIM and get off my 15#'s!!

It is my pleasure to forward this Blog Award to:

Karen Knegten - Studio at the Lake.  Her blog is fairly new, however, she puts out some gorgeous work on her blog!  She has email sign up and I highly recommend signing up!  You will not be disappointed!
Colleen Dietrich - Dietrich Designs - I have also been receiving daily emails from Colleen's blog - again, an amazing stamper, who because her work ROCKS, is the newest Team Member on the Speedy the Cat's Blog Team!
Susan Raihala - Simplicity - The most FABULOUS CAS stamper around!  I also get her blog by email - she is totally awesome with her humor and the teaching of doing the PERFECT CAS card! Because of Susan, I have fallen back in love with creating CAS cards!  Thank you Susan!
Geri Utterback - Geri's Cards - There really is only one word to describe Geri's creations; STUNNING! - I KNOW my jaw will hit the floor every time I visit her blog, to be able to color like her~~ I would be in heaven!
Roxie Glaza - Paper Scaper - Roxie is the Technique Queen.  She just inspires me to try new techniques with my cards.  I don't always do it, but she does inspire me!  She always tells you HOW she made her card -- it really is an informative blog, along with some beautiful eye candy!

Again, thanks Lisa M. for sending me this award! I really appreciate it~~


Marisa said...

You West Coast girl you :) Think I'll come to visit when I can't handle the rain any more LOL! Love to swim laps too so I'll be a good guest ;) Fun reading about you.

Colleen Dietrich said...

Vicki, that is such a compliment to have a reader you didn't know award this to you. :) Congrats! And thank you for choosing me as one of *your* recipients, too. I loved your little write-ups about each of us that you awarded. Beautifully written. :) ANd thanks for the kind words about my work!

Susan Raihala said...

Congratulations on your award, Vicki! You deserve it, and it was fun reading about you...epecially the puppies. Our 9-month-old golden wags her tail and says hi to them!

And thank you for including my name in your list. I'm honored you would think of me for this, especially with such a group of talented women!

Betty Wright said...

Congrats on your award. Thanks for the "Vicki" info. I want to see puppy pics! I love me some puppies! I feel for you about the pool! Soon! Very soon!

Patricia St Martin said...

How wonderful!!! Congrats on you award. I also have something on my blog for you so stop by.

Judy McMullen said...

Hi Vicki! Loved reading about you. We have a couple things in common. I'm originally from the Seattle area and now live in Arizona near Tucson.


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