Sunday, June 29, 2014

AAA Card Challenge #9

We are having so much fun with our new challenge blog, that we thought...
"Let’s do a Blog Hop with Prizes!"

We are celebrating the crazy 5th week of the month with The MacGyver Challenge.This is a 
silly card game with a BIG prize! Make a card from the items MacGyver asks for- best submission wins a Stampendous Jumbo Flower Stamp Set with Matching Dies for each flower!
Game #2 is “Victoria’s Blog Hop Search” find the images of MacGyvers list within DT’s blogs. [list below] Create a post with those images and write something short about your blog visits. You could win a full set of Stampendous Frantage Embossing Powders and Elements!
Next we have the best opportunity for a win by blog hopping with AAA Cards DT’s 
“Comments Game”.  Answer the question by the DT and leave the answer in her comments box.  6 winners to this game and 6 Stampendous Stamp prizes!
Enjoy some card making tutorials having fun with Stampendous at our blogs, and some of us will show off a MacGyver card too!  Let’s have a little fun playing......

Here is my card with the "ingredients"

Crimped clouds [corrugated paper], twine [string], plastic [covered card with acetate], stamp [Stampendous Jumbo Cardinals] and see that dot under the ribbon bow? That's a hole :).  Yep, I used them all - oh yay me! :)  Now, it's your turn.  Is your imagination going?  Make that card and upload it over at AAA Card Challenge Blog.

Here is the stamp the random winner will win. 
Be sure and leave a comment answering the question....

 Where are you going for a summer vacation?
[Contest completed]
Have fun hopping:
AAA Card Challenge
Angela Maine | Jane Taylor | Julia Sager |
Hannelie Bester |Linda Beeson | Vicki Dutcher [that's me!]

Thanks for stopping by~


Desire Fourie said...

Vicki this is just stunning with such vibrant colours. Just adore the little clouds.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Hannelie said...

Love your bright red cardinals Vicki! And the clouds are super too!
Just a great design as always!

Jane said...

Such a clever way to include the hole element of MacGyver, love it!

Deepti said...

I love the corrugated paper clouds, cool idea! For me, I'll be home for we vacation and do what I enjoy the most, make cards lol :)

cm said...

Everything about your card is show-stopping amazing, and has even more impact because you've used the 'ingredients' with finesse and flair! MacGyver himself would be in awe after seeing this! Summer plans include a trip to Bend OR (I love, love and love Bend!) where my husband will race in the Cascade Classic road bike race. I'll be in the feed zones, waiting to pass him water bottles as he zips by. Soooo excited! Thanks for the amazing inspiration! Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love cardinals, and I love how you used all the elements across this card! Super awesome corrugated clouds! Just love it. Not going anywhere this coming vacation as it is winter where I live. Lots of school holiday outings and a few home movie days will be on the cards for me! Keeping warm will be key!

Petra Swart said...

Oh, Vikci, your lovely red cardinals are beautiful!!! ...and I love the little clouds ...and everything else!!!! And boy, you really meant to do a teeny weeny little hole hey ...hope MacGyver is going to be satisfied with the size of it, girl!!! LOL!!!! (wait till you see the size of the hole in my card - just the opposite from yours!!!!)

A summer vacation in SA ..that surely has to be in the Kruger National Park in the north-eastern region in SA!! Ever heard of the Big 5 - you'll find them all there and lots and lots and lots more. The wildlife, the birdlife, the vegetation ...everything is just amazing there!! If you ever have the privilege to visit SA, you have to go to the Kruger National Park - you'll have the time of your life!!! The ultimate place for a summer vacation!!

Have a super week!!!
Greetings from Africa!!

Angela said...

Vicki, your card is a vibrant and beautiful show stopping card! You hid all the marks for challenge brilliantly!

Victoria Lavender said...

Vicki, everything is SUPER! Love you MacGyver card, all the elements look great on it too. Thanks so much for helping to make this challenge and hop work! hugs

Julia said...

Beautiful card!

Jennie G said...

Wonderful creativity. Unfortunately I'm not going anywhere on vacation this year, but maybe Wisconsin next.

NanaConnie said...

Vicki, I wish I was going somewhere for a summer vacation but my summer travel is going to be done with my niece who is in need of a travel companion for several visits she has to do to an out-of-state medical facility. She can't travel alone and my schedule is the most flexible of anyone in the family right now. We are the enjoying time together, however, and are already trying to figure out how we can extend one of those trips to cover some fun time in a cabin on a lake in Minnesota. Will be such fun if we can manage it. :-D

Lucy Schmidt said...

What a great job of pulling all the elements together. I'll be going wherever my 3 different groups of company want to go while here. It could be the beach or the high desert or the mountains or a summer festival. I'm lucky to live within 90 minutes of each. I always try to find some places I haven't been to in the area, so that offers extra fun and exploration.

Karen (TLgirl353) said...

These birds were colored beautifully. I missed seeing this yesterday, because we were busy all day, but I am so glad to have gotten to see it now!

Pink Blossom Creations said...

Loving the creation, vibrate and happy, just like the seater at the moment. This year I will not taking a holiday but know a london trip is being planned with my boys over the holidays as well as Brighton.. x

Graciellie Design said...

Oh vicki your card is gorgeous! We usually take some time off during April, since where I live summer lasts all year long. In any case we went to the Mayan Ruins and visited many ecological parks.

Thanks for sharing.

gracielliedesign blogspot com

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

Great card, Vicki - I hope I can play, too... I'll be going to Germany for my summer vacation.

sweet art designs said...

Love your card- I just got back from cruise to Alaska. I will be staying around home for July-August, but in September I am going to Russia

Monika Reeck said...

Love the Clous dear Vicky and the bird is so bright in red color lovely twine too and I love that little sentiment there...and you put a Plastic there the did you gluing the plastic...

Now the answer..we will drive to BALTIC SEA on this summer vacation and you...where do you want to go?

Riette said...

We love to travel off-road on our annual break and go through dirt roads and back roads. We plan 4-5 overnight stops where we camp!
Great cards Vicky. I love all the bold ones you've been doing!

Eemeli said...

Gorgeous color scheme and a fabulous design too. Me and my hubby will spend
most of our vacation at home (well, not AT home but in this city...) and I
guess our trip(s) will be just couple of nearby golf-courses. Maybe one
night stays or even daily trips.


Taunya Butler said...

What a beauty this card is and I truly admire that you met the MacGyver challenge!! Good for you!! Our family is hoping to take a vacation to Yellowstone in the next couple of months - have or nailed down a date yet as we have to work around my husband's work deadlines!!