Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Something to Share

My DH rocked out a gift for me!  It is so awesome, I wanted to share it with all of you.

It is a self healing cutting pad [similar to a scor pal pad] however,
this has a slide ruler!

Now, I will have no problem lining up my stamps and images!
I love the way the ruler hooks on the edge and slides up or down, to line up my stamping.
DH got this at Michaels in the drafting department.  This is going to be so handy!  He did good :).

Another project I worked on was my scraps. I saw this idea in blogland somewhere and loved it!  I had my scrap papers in this:

I put them all in a household 13 pocket bill holder from Kmart - [like $6.]

Because my scrap piles are so out of control,
I put the holder into a [temporary] storage box until I can condense down my scraps. Once that happens, I will be able to easily access my scraps [and use them more instead of making more - hence the out of control state they are currently in] Now, I have 12 empty drawers for additional storage.  What a win-win organizational idea!  I just love finding useful ideas in blogland~

I'll be back tomorrow with an FYI card.  Another amazing photo courtesy of Steph!

Thanks for stopping by~


Jonathon said...

What a cool idea! Love that your hubby did this for you...and I'm all for that scrap storage idea. Exactly what I do too!

Lynn said...

Vicki, that was me on the last son was logged in for a class blog...woops!

Olga said...

I have that ruler and yes it's great!!!!

Colleen Dietrich said...

I sure love seeing how people organize their craft supplies!

Tell hubby he did a good job getting you the self healing mat and ruler. I have those same things, from my quilting days. ;)

Karen (TLgirl353) said...

Your hubby did a good thing!!!! You are on a roll now!

Susan Sieracki said...

Dang...Hubby did really good. Gotta love that man for thinking of your crafting needs. Way to go on organizing your scraps too...I would love to free up that many drawers for room is packed!

Sharon Underwood said...

What a great guy! I'm sure you'll enjoy using it. Visit my blog

Nancy said...

Vicki...I have stored my scraps in a Creative Memories file folder since the day I began scrapping...and never looked back! I find it very, very easy...I also have them in a particular color order in relation to a song I use to sing to my kids when I had a home daycare.
Red, blue yellow green orange purple ...that's the way our colors brown white!....then it goes into the days of the I am a sad case I know! :O/

I love scraps...I hate to waste any paper!


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